About Tanky


We have a great deal of experience of washing systems, old and new, and have worked with many different manufacturer’s systems such as Durr, Marr, Vixen, Mecwash, Valiant Elan, Turbex, Sturtevant and Newsmith.

We’re always happy to provide free advice over the phone so if you would like to find out if we can help you with your washing requirements just give us a call 07775923010

Tanky Systems™ creators of the SUDRAKER™ range of oil skimmers.

The Sudraker hostile environment oil skimmers were specifically designed to remove tramp oil from the process tanks of industrial washing machines, multi-station dip tanks and similar equipment, where environments are likely to be hot, humid, or chemically rich.

Tanky systems is a division of Border Automation Services Ltd. Border Automation Services Ltd specializes in electro-mechanical design solutions and services relating to industrial washing machines, degreasing equipment and plating lines. Our work covers many manufacturing environments including agricultural and aviation.