Sudraker IV Oil Skimmers (Excluding Belt)

Type Litres of oil removed per hour
Single Belt Skimmer Up to 5
Twin Belt Skimmer Up to 10
Triple Belt Skimmer Up to 15
Sext Belt Skimmer Up to 30

Sudraker IV Belts – 5 year warranty!

A Twin Skimmer will require 2 belts. A Triple Skimmer will require 3 belts. A Sext Skimmer will require 6 belts.
Belts will be made to any length. Existing belts can be lengthened or shortened.

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Sudraker IV Accessories

Stainless steel hosetail adapter including 2 metre hose and clip. To fit:

Single Belt Skimmer
Twin Belt Skimmer
Triple Belt Skimmer
Sext Belt Skimmer

Stainless Steel Riser Pedestal

To raise the skimmer from a substrate.

To fit
Single Belt Skimmer
Twin Belt Skimmer
Triple Belt Skimmer
Sext Belt Skimmer

Hangman Pedestal

To hang the skimmer over a tank from an adjacent floor. Useful for mobile installation.
Normally bespoke. Price available only after consultation.

Stainless Steel Lip Bracket Kit – Fits All Models

Allows easy mounting of Sudraker Skimmers from the lip of most process tanks, making installation easy.

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Stainless Steel Oil Collection Tank

30 litre to use with 600mm Riser Pedestal
60 lite to use with 900mm Riser Pedestal


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Oil level detection

Float switch to fit to an oil container to turn the skimmer off when the oil level is too high.


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‘oil level’ and ‘tank Present’ detection

For use with ‘Oil Collection Tank’. Float & proximity sensor set to work with Tanky Oil Collection Tanks.


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Cooling fan (electric)

For use in hot environments. Pulls cool air through the motor enclosure. Should be used with a rain cowling.

Cooling (Forced Air)

For use in hot, chemically rich environments. Compressed air supply required.
Inlet & flow restrictor allow for connection of air* supply into the motor enclosure.
*Customers to create a positive pressure to exclude atmospheric conditions.


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Rain Cowling

For outdoor use or where risk of splashing exists; or electric fan fitted.


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