Sudraker™ Oil Skimmers

Hostile Environment Oil Removal

We specialise in removing the surface oil from your process tanks, machine sumps, ground sumps and storage vessels.

Key elements of our oil skimmers

  • Low maintenance ‘and easy cleaning’
  • Simple to install ‘with multiple mounting options’
  • Up to 5 litres of oil removal per hour per belt
  • Excellent oil/water separation
  • 4 Sizes available – 1,2,3 &6 belt versions
  • Purpose made quality accessories

How does an oil skimmer work – demonstration video with Tanky Systems

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Where are oil skimmers used?

Sudraker™ III

Sudraker™ III



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Separating oil from water is an extremely common requirement across many industries, and there are many different ways of achieving this, from using cyclones and centrifuges, to specific gravity weirs or osmosis.

What sort of oil skimmer to choose?

The three main types of oil skimmer are belt skimmer, rope skimmer and disk skimmer and each type of skimmer has its place in the market. Rope skimmers and belt skimmers are well suited to installations where fluid levels are liable to fluctuate.

Why choose Tanky oil skimmers?

Tanky’s Sudraker™ oil skimmers have been designed specifically to work reliably in more hostile environments, and are fitted with our unique fatigue-free tank track skimming belt, which boasts an impressive 5 year warranty. They have been designed and tested on industrial de-greasing equipment.